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The Characters

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Nanako Misonoo

Nanako is a young and shy teenager who enters for the first time at Seiran High School. There she finds some friends, but also new ennemies because of her election as a member of the Sorority.
Generous by nature, she tries to help the people around her, and she thus faces a certain number of situations which are difficult for her age, such as depression, suicide and madness.
She also learns about the story of her own family.


Tomoko Arikura

Nanako's best friend, Tomoko is the most sane element of the story, for she is not a member of the Sorority and thus has a certain distance towards the events occuring within it.
She supports Nanako, though she has been at some point jealous of her being a member of the Sorority. She is cheerful and faithful.


Mariko Shinobu

Mariko is a very impulsive girl of the same age as Nanako, who does not want to share the latter with anybody. She can sometimes be very jealous and quite disturbed because of her familial problems and of the harassment she suffers from Aya Misaki and her accomplices.


Rei Asaka

Rei is a tall fair girl around whom flies an aura of mystery and fascination. Often depressive, she smokes and is addicted to drugs.
She likes french literature, above all Verlaine, and is called Saint Just after "the Archangel of the Revolution".
Her ambiguous relationship, between love and hatred, with Fukiko Ichinomiya, who is in fact her sister, is one of the major plot of the story.


Fukiko Ichinomiya

President of the Sorority, she "regns" proudly over the members and the other students. She makes sure that the laws of the Sorority, which are inspired by the American Clubs, are respected.
Sometimes kind and protective, sometimes cold and haughty, it is difficult to figure her out. Though nothing seems to touch her, she hides a tortured personnality.




Kaoru Orihara

Coming from an old family of warriors, Kaoru no Kimi is the captain of the Basketball team. Her nickname comes from a character from the Genji Monogatari.
Dark-haired, very tall and slim, she has, just like Rei, an androgynuous charm.
Strong-minded and honest, she is not spared by misfortune and pain. Having a breast cancer, the years before her are uncertain.


Aya Misaki

In the same class as Mariko, she has always been in competition with her. She does not admit that Nanako and Mariko, who she thinks are not worthy of the Sorority, have been allowed in it, and believes that, like her mother, she was the one who should have been chosen.
She thus harasses Nanako and Mariko to force them to quit the Sorority, making a fuss around their "family secrets".font>


Takehiko Henmi

Student at the University of Osaka, Takehiko is the "big brother " chosne by Nanako, knowing not that they are much more bound that she thought.
His discreet presence as a confident comforts the young girl, but she soon discovers that he has to hunt his own devils.

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