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Just test out your knowledge about Oniisama E!!

Question 1

What was the year of publication of the Oniisama E manga in Japan?




Question 2

Who directed the Oniisama E anime series?

a) Osamu Tezuka

b) Osuma Dezaki

c) Hideaki Anno

Question 3

In which japanese city does the Oniisama E story take place?

a) Tokyo

b) Osaka

c) Okinawa

Question 4

What is Tomoko's family name?

a) Orihara

b) Harada

c) Arikura

Question 5

What is Mariko's father's job?

a) Bank Manager

b) Unemployed

c) Porno writer

Question 6

Which french poet does Rei like?

a) Verlaine

b) Rimbaud

c) Baudelaire

Question 7

At the end of the anime series, when Mariko comes back to school for the new schoolyear, what is she proud to show to Nanako and Tomoko?

a) Her new dress

b) The nailpolish on her indexes

c) The crèmes brûlées she cooked

Question 8

In the french version, what is the name of Clarisse's (Fukiko's) brother?

a) Eric

b) Sébastien

c) Phillipe

Question 9

Which sport does Kaoru play?

a) Volleyball

b) Handball

c) Basketball

Question 10

In the anime series, how does Nanako learn that Takehiko is really her brother?

a) Aya Misaki reveals the secret to everybody after she found the proof in her father's office

b) Nanako finds a picture where she sees her father with another woman and Takehiko

c) Kaoru accidently tells her

Question 11

What is Aya Misaki's dog's name?

a) Alleluia

b) Halloween

c) Avalon

Question 12

What does Nanako give to Fukiko as a present for her birthday?

a) A bunch of roses

b) Home-made cookies

c) A perfume

Question 13

Who is the last member of the Sorority to sign the petition against it?

a) Borgia

b) Medusa

c) Mona Lisa

Question 14

What did Fukiko collect when she was a child?

a) Plushies

b) Little glass objects

c) Butterflies

Question 15

What is the name of the station where Nanako and Tomoko take the train to go to school?

a) Tanaka Station

b) Shibuya Station

c) Motomashi Station

Question 16

In the manga what is Mariko's japanese nickname?

a) Mariko no Kimi

b) Koneko-Chan

c) Hana no Mariko

Question 17

To which club does Nanako participate in school?

a) The Cooking Club

b) The Flower arranging Club

c) The Tennis Club

Question 18

Which Shakespeare sonnets did Takehiko read to Fukiko when they met for the first time?

a) "When I do count the clock that tells the time"

b) "O, that you were yourself! but, love, you are"

c) "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

Question 19

What is the color of Nanako's dress at the party for the presentation of the new members of the Sorority?

a) Orange

b) Pink

c) Blue

Question 20

What is Mariko's favourite tea?

a) Green tea

b) Darjeeling tea

c) Raspberry-flavored tea


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